Friday, March 5, 2010

MAC Brush Dupes

Some may ask What is dupe? the definition for dupe, is : a replicated thing or item, even a human. Not everyone has the Money to buy MAC brushes even though they'd like to. So I thought I would list the brushes that have Dupes & are a lot more affordable. In the end I basically made this list so people can just copy, paste & print it, to use as a reference when they do go buy them. Instead of watching a lengthy video & having to pause the video to write down all the info.

Loew Cornell Brush Dupes for MAC brushes

MAC 150 Powder Brush = Loew Cornell XXL Round
MAC 129 Blush Brush = Loew Cornell L Round
MAC 136/134 For Mineralized skin finish = Loew Cornell Maxine Mop 1inch
MAC 239 Shader Brush = Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine Mop
MAC 208/266/269 Angled Liner = Loew Cornell 1/8 Inch (small), 1/4 Inch (medium), 3/8 Inch (Large)
MAC 194 Concealer Brush = Loew Cornell Filbert cut #8
MAC 228 Mini Shade Brush = Loew Cornell 1/4 Inch Maxine Mop
MAC 190 Foundation Brush = Loew Cornell 1 Inch Filbert cut

I hope this helps someone out. If it did leave me a comment! =) I'd like to know if it was worth the time. =)

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xoxo, ~Izzy~

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  1. I have compiled the 2010 Complete MAC vs Sigma Brush Chart w/ Prices and Function list and posted it to my blog. Its a new blog and I could use some visitors!