Sunday, February 28, 2010

MAC Paint Pots & Eyeshadow Primers whats the difference?

Okay so I'll admit that once I became a makeup "junkie" I went out and bought eyeshadow primer. (Urban Decay Primer Potion & Two Face Shadow Insurance) Because after watching all these videos on Youtube I realized 'oooh! that's why I get those creases in my eyeshadow!' haha.=) I didn't buy MAC because I figured that it was just overpriced makeup, anywho one day I got a gift card to MAC, so when I went in to the store I figured I'd try out their paint pots to see what the deal was. I ended up getting 2 of them one called "Bare Study" and another called "Blackground" to use w/ the "Blue Flame" shadow I got for my b-day.

Now w/ all that said on to the question most people ask, what's the difference? Here's what I've come up w/ after using Two Face Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) and Paint Pots. They work the same way, they all prevent creasing, fading, and make the color stand out more. The major difference for me between Two Face Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion is that, Two Faced feels powdery to the touch. Which I liked because I have oily lids & I think that powdery feeling helps absorb or control the oil. Urban Decay works good too, I just don't like the bottle it comes in (you can see why in the picture above, the shape of the bottle keeps you from getting all the product out. One of the main downsides to it) , it feels like it doesn't go on evenly & it has a lotion type feeling to it. I dunno maybe that's just me. Now as for the Paint Pots, I like them because they're creamy, they come in different colors that you can mix and match to use w/ the color eyeshadows you plan on using. They come in a little jar or "pot" that you can use by dipping your finger or brush in. So in the end it just all depends on your personal preference and how much you would like to spend. Paint Pots cost $16.50 & both Two Face Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion cost $17.00 @ Sephora. Only a .50 cents difference, BUT! You get 5g with Paint Pots, 11g with Two Faced, and 10ml with Urban Decay. The choice is yours to make, these were just MY opinions from what I've seen and learned from using the products. Everyone will have a different experience with each product its just a matter of trying them out. I THINK Sephora gives samples and so does MAC I'm just NOT sure if they give samples of these products. But it doesn't hurt to ask if you ever find your self in store. =)

Sooo that was my take on the whole Paint Pot vs. Primer issue. Did I miss anything? Still have questions? Feel free to ask, I won't bite! lol. I may or may not have the answer but I can sure find out for you! =) Again these were just my OPINIONS, nothing more. I hope I helped, that's all I really want to do with this blog. So until next time, Blog ya later! lol =D

xoxo ~Izzy~

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  1. So MAC Paint pots work just as well as TFSI and UDPP? I won TF and have never tried MAC...I want to try Rubenesque, I think maybe Bare Study and Painterly or Soft Ochre.. by theway do you have a beauty channel on you tube? If not you should =D ..Love the Blog =D Nice review

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